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New Faculty Technology Guide

Please review these guides on many of the technologies and services you will need to navigate the day to day of working and teaching on campus!

Account Creation and Passwords

  • How To Create Your Password
    This password will work for most of the services you will use during your time with UNC Asheville!

  • Logging Into OnePort
    OnePort is our university's online portal for personal information, payroll, and much more.

  • Setting Up Your MFA
    Multi-Factor Authentication is a 2-step login process for most of our on campus services and systems.

  • How To Reset Your Password
    Resetting your password will require you to sign in with your MFA code/token.

  • Your RockyCard
    Your Faculty ID, and door access all revolve around your RockyCard!

  • Logging into Moodle
    Moodle is the online learning management platform utilized by UNC Asheville.

IT Support in the Classroom

  • Requesting Support
    Quickly receive support for many IT issues when actively teaching by contacting the IT Service Desk. Academic Support Technicians are available to help.

  • Using your laptop in the classroom
    Many classrooms have support for your laptop to be used in place of a classroom device.

Services provided by ITS

Other ITS Resources

Other UNC Asheville New Staff resources:

Human Resources: Welcome to UNC Asheville

Academic Affairs: Faculty Resources

Center for Teaching and Learning: Moodle Help

Facilities: Scope of Services

Campus Rec: Campus Rec Contact and App

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