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Computer Refresh FAQ


How do you determine which computers to refresh?

The list of departments and their refresh years can be found here.

How will I know that my computer will be refreshed? (How do I know if I'm "on the list"?)

As ITS prepares for the CTRP each year we submit a list of equipment to be refreshed to the Chair/Director and Dean/VC for the departments engaged in the CTRP for that year. If you're unsure as to your particular status or the status of a particular piece of equipment it would be best to engage your Chair/Director so that they can confirm with ITS.

When will I get my new computer?
Computers are ordered in November each year, then delivered the following February – March.


The software that I use most is not on your default software list. How do I get this software installed on my new machine?

If you have a licensed copy of the software on your current machine we will install that software on your new machine. We may need you to produce the installation media and/or license information if we do not have it on file.

Can I "trade-in" default software I don't want for something I'll use like Adobe Photoshop?

UNC Asheville does not have a site license for the Adobe products. If you're using an Adobe product then your department (or you via a grant) has purchased a license for that piece of software.

Why is all this software installed on my new computer?

All Faculty, Staff, and Lab computers are loaded with the same default set of software for a purpose: if an instructor and student are discussing something on the computer, the environment (OS, software, settings) they are discussing is the same. There are things there that you might not use, but it hurts nothing to have them there. With the size of hard drives today, a few extra programs don't take up that much space in the grand scheme of things. From an IT perspective, it gives us one base environment to maintain, making the entire computing environment more stable.

What is all this software installed on my new computer?

The software noted on the supported software list is software that is either free or that UNC Asheville has a site license for, thus it is legal for us to install on all machines. Given the wide variety of disciplines a liberal arts university encompasses, there are bound to be pieces of software that one discipline relies on while another has no use for.

I don't know what a particular piece of software does, how can I find out more about it?

If you're curious about a particular piece of software open it up and take a look. There's nothing pre-installed on your machine that is data destructive just by starting the application. Often there will be a Help menu within the application that will give details on general use and specific functionality. If that isn't the case a web search on the name of the software will often reveal websites full of information regarding the software. Many of these pieces of software have nothing to do with IT per se, thus our experience is limited to making sure it gets installed correctly - not the actual use or functionality of the software. In most cases, the Help menu within the application is your best option 


Will my old computer be around in case some of the files do not get transferred?

Your old computer will be held until schedule to be returned to its lessor. Please be sure to keep backups of important (or all!) files using university-provided cloud storage, such as Google Drive. Ultimately you are responsible for your data.

Can I keep my old computer?

The short answer is, no you cannot. Since the CTRP relies upon revolving leases your old equipment must be returned to the lease holder in order for us to receive new equipment.

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