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UNC Asheville Wireless Guide

Get Connected

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Secure, encrypted wireless access is provided via the eduroam network. View the instructions below to connect your devices.

Legacy devices and gaming consoles may register for alternative access via the UNCA_PSK network.

Campus Guests

View our Terms of Service and this week's guest wireless password. Connect your device to UNCA_Guest, accept the Terms of Service, and register for 3 days fo access.

Guest Wireless Access Details


eduroam is the preferred wireless network on the UNC Asheville campus for students, faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors from eduroam partner organizations.

Quick Start

  1. Connect to the UNCA_Guest network.
  2. When connected you should be directed via browser to a Self-Registration Portal.
  3. Accept the UNCA Terms of Service and register yourself for 3 days access.
  4. A browser should direct you to if device onboarding is desired.

Detailed Guides

Learn how to Connect to eduroam on Chrome OS.

UNCA_PSK (Alternative Access)

UNCA_PSK is the alternative access wireless network on the UNC Asheville campus, created for older devices that do not support the advanced security features required to connect to eduroam.

For devices that do not support advanced network encryption – such as older computers and gaming consoles – the UNCA_PSK network provides less secure, lower-priority connectivity.

Connecting to the UNCA_PSK network requires registration of your device's MAC Address. You will need to obtain the MAC Address before beginning the setup process to receive access.

 The UNCA_PSK network should only be used if your device does not support secure EAP-TLS connections, or does not have a web browser capable of completing the enrollment process.

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