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IT Support in the Classroom

Requesting Support

Please have the following information handy when calling for support in the classroom

  • Building Name

  • Room Number

  • Please call as soon as you have trouble. Our Academic Support Team can respond immediately in many cases!

  • Academic Support hours: 8a - 5p || Mon - Fri

Making the call

Phone: 828-251-6445


Using email will slow the response time. Please consider calling if you are in class!

Common fixes


Potential Solutions

Monitor not showing image

  • Ensure that the computer is on

  • Move the mouse or press the space bar to wake up the computer

  • Verify that the monitor is powered on with a light in the bottom right corner

  • Check to see if the power cable has come loose from the rear of the monitor

  • Ensure the display cables are properly seated between the computer and monitor

Projector not displaying image

  • Ensure you have turned on the display using the classroom control panel

  • Ensure that the correct input is selected

  • Switch to another input and back to their desired input

Internet not working

  • Check to see if there is a network connectivity icon in the task tray

  • Test multiple browsers and sites

  • Check to ensure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the wall

Document Camera not displaying

  • Ensure that the camera is on

  • If projecting from the podium, not the PC software, check that the current input

  • Check that the display cables are properly connected

  • Press the "int/ext" button on the camera base to switch from external input to document camera

Smart Board not aligned

  • Check model of smart board

    • If there are only two buttons, press them simultaneously and follow the on screen instructions

    • If there are more than two buttons, there is a specified alignment button shaped like a cross-hair. Press it and follow the on screen instructions

Smart Board not recognizing touch input

  • Ensure that the Smart board is turned on. If on, the power button will show a green light

  • Check the connection light on the pen tray.  Red or flashing red means a problem, reboot the computer

Projected image stretched on screen

  • Press the desired input button again to cause the projector to auto adjust.

  • For PC: Right click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution. Select an appropriate resolution for the screen. Normally resolution is 1280x800. 

  • For Mac, open System Preferences and select Displays. Hold option and click on Scaled to receive a list of resolutions. Choose the appropriate resolution and close the window.

No sound from PC

  • Check the volume level in the task bar

  • Check the volume level on classroom control panel

  • Right click on the volume icon in the task bar and choose playback devices. Right click the default audio out and choose test.

  • If these do not work switch between available audio outputs and test each

  • Check that nothing is plugged into the headphone jack in the front of the PC.

Computer not auto-logging in

  • Common Messages

    •  Computer has lost trust with the domain controller

    • Incorrect password

    • Login screen with computer name

    • Account Locked

  • Restart computer

Computer is stuck on a constant reboot cycle

Please call the IT Service Desk

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