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Distance Learning Services

Distance Learning Services (DLS) provides instructional technology support services to faculty, staff, and students utilizing the associated distance learning facilities, equipment and third party services at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. These facilities and services facilitate teaching, research, learning, and service throughout all campus departments and organizations, as well as affiliated off-campus partnerships.

Interactive Videoconference Support

This requires H.323 / SIP protocol connections and is limited to the five (5) fixed-facility internet-based videoconferencing facilities managed by the DLS department. 

  • Web conference support is available within these same facilities, as well as within web-conference equipped spaces around campus (HighSmith Union and Phillips Hall).   
  • Support services are also provided as a part of the universities’ public service mission to the greater UNC Asheville campus community, Western North Carolina and the state of North Carolina via the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), and other related networks and associations.

Zoom Video Communications platform Support

This is via the Zoom Video Communications Inc (third-party) platform support, Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar, and individual licensed accounts are available campus wide. 

  • These web-conference platforms allows campus members to connect to world-wide presenters and participants.  
  • Web conference systems and tools can be used anytime you want to have a synchronous interaction with one or more students.
  • Most commonly, web conferencing is used to host optional sync sessions during the course.
  • Faculty can also use these tools for meetings with small groups or individual students, as well as to host virtual office hours. Students can also use web conferencing tools to meet in groups for projects or studying.

Web Conference Technology Kits

The DLS department also provides web-conference technology kits that allow clients to conduct web-conference sessions from any SmartClassroom, or non technology enhanced space on campus. 

  • A reliable internet connection is required however, and a wired connection is suggested over a wireless one.

Note: While active support services are provided by Information Technology Services staff, only Zoom Communication and Google Meets platforms are fully supported.  ITS support for all other third-party web conference systems (Bluejeans (Verizon), Cisco Webex,  Microsoft Teams, and Skype), is limited to application specific downloads to ensure that campus users have access to the latest required software.  Users are directed to contact the available user support services for any technical support issues. 


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