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Working Remotely

The following resources will help you remain connected and productive when working away from campus.


File sharing and Google Drive

Google Drive provides global, secure access to your important files. Store an unlimited amount of data, share and collaborate on documents, and track group work with Shared drives.

View our help articles on Google Drive →

Google Shared Drives allow you to easily share documents and collaborate with your team.

Learn about Google Shared Drives →

You can also set up Google Drive File Stream to access your Google Drive files directly from your Windows or macOS computer – just as if they were saved on your local disk drive.

Set up File Stream on Windows →Set up File Stream on macOS →

Web Conferencing

UNC Asheville supports two web conferencing platforms, Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet.

Google Hangouts Meet is the best choice for administrative web conferencing. It's simple to set up and directly integrates with your Google Calendar.

View our help articles on Hangouts Meet →

Zoom is the best choice for curricular support, enabling breakout rooms, session recordings and enhanced learning tools. While Zoom accounts are free, some advanced features require a Zoom Pro license. UNC Asheville has a limited number of Zoom Pro licenses available, which are reserved for curricular support. Please be in touch with ITS Distance Learning Services for additional information on Zoom Pro licenses.

View our help articles on Zoom →

Moodle and Online Learning

Moodle on the UNC Asheville campus is used typically to augment in class activities and to host documents and links. In the event Moodle becomes a de facto online classroom, a help site has been created with instructions on most Moodle activities and resources. 

View our Moodle help site →

If you currently do not have a Moodle site and would like to request one, please send your request to

Microsoft Office 365

All students, faculty and staff have access to Microsoft Office 365 at no cost. You can access Office apps and OneDrive storage in your web browser, or install the Office suite on up to five (5) personal devices.

View our help articles on Office 365 →



Gmail is available globally from any device.

View our help articles on email →

Phones and voicemail

Voicemail is available off campus from any telephone by using a dial-in service. Additionally, you can request your voicemail be recorded and automatically sent to your email with our Voicemail-to-Email service.

To make sure you don't miss a call, forward your office phone to your mobile phone.


Digital faxing is available via the campus Xmedius Fax solution.

View our help articles on faxing →

Connectivity and Equipment

Bandwidth Requirements

Internet access at home is provided by your ISP( internet service provider) and is sold by download and upload speed. In most cases, the advertised speeds are not achieved in the real world. In addition, bandwidth may change minute to minute because of use and environmental factors.  If you have questions about your internet speeds or compatibility with online services, please contact the Helpdesk for a consultation.  

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some campus resources – namely Banner – require a secure connection to the campus network. Our VPN client allows you to establish this secure connection when you are not physically on campus.

View our help articles on VPN →

Equipment Checkout

ITS has a limited quantity of laptops available for checkout at our Service Desk, located in Ramsey Library 118. These are provided on a first come, first served basis only.

Security and records

Protecting University data and devices

  • Do not store University data on personal devices. Use your unlimited Google Drive storage for all university data.
  • Please maintain University owned devices in a secure location. 
  • Do NOT leave devices in your car.
  • If in a public space, do not leave your device unattended. 

Email Security

Attackers will always try to utilize any heightened awareness of any topic to their advantage.

  • Think carefully before opening an unexpected or unusual email message. Also, think extra carefully before clicking on links or opening documents sent to you in an email message. If at any time you feel that an email seems suspicious please forward it on to and we can help address it. 
  • We advise using two-factor authentication on your UNCA Google account (and all other accounts supporting 2FA). For instructions on setting up two-factor-authentication on your UNCA Google account please refer to our instructions on setting up 2-Step Verification.

University Records

It’s important to note that, under NC G.S. 132 ↗, all records created in the course of UNC Asheville are public records. Where a UNC Asheville employee creates the record (at home or at work) and on what device (personal or government-issued) is immaterial. For example, if your agency holds a virtual meeting and then puts minutes for that meeting onto a shared drive, those minutes are public record even if they were typed on an employee’s personal computer. In order to keep your work and personal records separate, we encourage you to exclusively use your work accounts for any e-mail or instant messaging relating to UNC Asheville business. To all extent possible, please refrain from using your personal email, social media, and other messaging accounts when creating, editing, or reviewing public records. If you have to use a personal account when working on a public record, you should remember that you’re still responsible for the maintenance of that record and that it remains open for access through a public records request.

More information is available through Special Collections & University Archives ↗

Need help?

The ITS Service Desk is available by phone, during business hours, at 828-251-6445. We can also be reached by email at any time. ITS monitors requests submitted via email outside business hours, but responses may be delayed.

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