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Setup and usage instructions for VMware Horizon Client

Follow these instructions to install and use the VMware Horizon Client for Remote Desktop access.

Step-by-step guide

Installing the VMware Horizon Client

VMware Horizon Client is available for university-provided computers in both Software Center for Windows devices and Self Service for macOS devices.

Using the VMware Horizon Client

First Time Use:

Launch VPN.

Click on Start > All Programs > VMware > VMware Horizon Client > Add Server Name of Connection Server =

Click Continue.

Click Accept.

Enter Active Directory credentials. Use the drop down arrow in the Domain field and select UNCANET

Double-click an available desktop to begin working.

Returning Users:

Launch VPN.

Click the Windows Start button > All Programs

Select VMware > VMware Horizon Client

Double-click the icon.

Choose Continue.

Enter password and click Login.

Double-click an available desktop to begin working.

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