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Request a new ethernet port/drop

The current process should followed to have new Ethernet drops/ports installed by vendor/partners such as Performance Data.

Step-by-step guide

  1. A unit needing a new port or drop should contact ITS with their request. You must provide the following information: building and room number, which wall the port is to be installed on, and the general location for the port.

  2. Via the ticketing system, ITS will confirm receipt of the request and provide the standard language describing the installation process and expected timelines.

  3. ITS will schedule the work with the vendor (i.e. Performance Data), and Facilities Management (Tom Baldwin).

  4. Facilities will notify the Office of State Construction of the work to be performed.  The State Construction Office will notify us if further information or drawings are required prior to proceeding with the work.

  5. The contract with the vendor must state that all work must be inspected and accepted by the State Construction Office electrical inspector.  The contractor must contact the SCO electrical inspector directly to schedule the inspection.

  6. The work is done, OSC will do their review, make sure any issues are resolved,  and the project is complete.

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