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Reset or Repair Login Keychain

Archived Page

This page is archived and contains outdated information. Do not reference this page.


After a password change, applications may ask you to unlock the "login" or "Local Items" keychain. You may observe numerous pop-ups in applications such as Mail, Safari, and other programs that save passwords or other secure information. This happens when the default keychain is out of sync with your UNC Asheville password.


You must run the Keychain Repair utility in Self Service.


Before using the Keychain Repair utility, you must save your work and close all applications other than Self Service. The utility must reboot the computer to complete the repair

  1. Open the Self Service application found in your /Applications folder. Log in using your UNC Asheville Security credentials when prompted.

  2. Click the "System Maintenance" category listed on the right.

  3. Click "Repair" under Keychain Repair.

  4. Keychain Repair will display a warning, then close all running applications after giving you the opportunity to save your work.

  5. When prompted, enter your current UNC Asheville Security password and click Okay. You will be asked to verify your password to prevent any typing errors.

  6. If you currently have a wifi enrollment, you will be asked to enter your password once more to allow Configuration Profile Tool to uninstall the wireless profile. Once the repair process is complete you will need to re-enroll for wifi.

The utility will repair the keychain and reboot the computer. Simply log back in after the computer restarts and you should no longer receive any keychain prompts or errors.

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