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Mac Malware, Pop-ups and Adware


If you suspect your Mac is infected with malware, potentially unwanted programs, or adware, contact the ITS Service desk for removal.

Contact the ITS Service Desk by sending an email to or calling 828-251-6445. The IT Service Desk Self-Service Portal is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Self-Service portal allows you to request assistance from ITS using a simple web form.

Avoiding Malware

  • Do not download software from untrusted sources. The Mac App Store and Self Service are available for your use and contain only safe, non-malware applications. Should you need software not found in the Mac App Store or Self Service, please contact ITS to request installation.

  • Do not download software from,, or

  • Core applications (Microsoft Office, Firefox, Chrome, etc) are automatically updated by ITS. Do not manually install updates to these applications. A common infection vector is a malware installer disguised as an update to one of these applications. If you're experiencing computing problems you suspect are related to out-of-date software please contact the ITS Service Desk to request a check for updates instead of attempting to install them on your own.

  • UNC Asheville computers are equipped with software necessary to open multimedia files such as videos and audio recordings. Additional "video players" and "music players" are often malware. If you are unable to open a multimedia file please contact the ITS Service Desk to request a safe multimedia player.
  • Applications designed to download videos from YouTube not only violate the YouTube Terms of Service, but are also frequently bundled with malware. The Center for Teaching & Learning can offer suggestions and technical support on incorporating YouTube videos in your course material.
  • Do not install coupon search or other online shopping aid applications.

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