UNC Asheville ITS does not recover lost or forgotten passwords for Alumni Email Accounts or Retiree Email Accounts. You can recover your account by following Google's account recovery process, outlined below.

When you are provided with an Alumni or Retiree Email Account, please enable a password recovery option.

Step-by-step guides

Follow this guide to configure your mobile phone number as you account recovery phone number:

Google Account Support - Recovery Phone Number

Alternatively or additionally, you may add a recovery email address to your account:

Google Account Support - Recovery Email Address

If you forget your password click on "Forgot Password?" and begin the recovery process.

For New Alumni Email accounts:
Alumni receive access to a lifelong email account that they can take with them when they change jobs, schools or cancel their other email addresses. The email is hosted by Google and comes with many of the same features as a regular Gmail account. Six months after graduation, student email accounts are deactivated. To sign up email alumni@unca.edu with your name, class year and birthday (for verification).