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Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service used to retrieve all files, emails, and more from a google account.  This service will put all of the data into an archive (ZIP) folder that you can put on a flash drive, hard drive, or cloud storage backup.

Google's Learning Center on how to use Google Takeout

Instructions for using the Takeout service:

1) Navigate to

2) Select the items to be archived and downloaded.  Please note the additional drop down beside the green selection checkmark.

3) Use the dropdown beside items to have greater control over what is archived.


4) Select the options you would like for the archive file including Type, Max Size, and delivery options

Most archives will be a ZIP file.  While adding to a dropbox or one drive is an option an email link may be the best route to take.  

The file should be downloaded right away and stored somewhere secure.

5) After making all the selections then click Create Archive

6) The archive file will be created

7) You can manage your archives anytime by visiting


If you used the email method your UNCA Email account will now have a link for you to use in downloading the archive.  Please be sure to complete this process right away to prevent loss of data!

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