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Access your Adobe CC faculty or staff subscription

If you've purchased an Adobe CC subscription through ITS, follow this guide to access your Adobe software.

Adobe CC is not available as a "site license" or for all faculty and staff. You must purchase a subscription through IT Purchasing →.


Access your 2020 – 2021 subscription, if you previously had a 2019 – 2020 subscription

Subscriptions for March 2020 – March 2021 are assigned to your UNC Asheville account. If you previously had a subscription, it may have been assigned to a "personal Adobe ID." You must log out of your personal Adobe ID, then log back in with your UNC Asheville account to access your subscription.

  1. Open the Adobe CC Desktop App.
    1. On macOS, click the Adobe icon in your menu bar (near the clock in the upper-right of your screen). 
    2. On Windows, click the Adobe icon in your notification area (near the clock in the bottom-right of your screen). You may need to click the caret icon to view all items in the tray. 
  2. Click the "profile" icon in the top-right of the Adobe CC Desktop App.
  3. Click Sign out.
  4. The app will caution you that some features will be disabled until you sign in again. Click Continue.
  5. Sign back in by typing your UNC Asheville email address, then click Continue.

    You must use your UNC Asheville email address. Your subscription will not be available if you click "Continue with Google," "Continue with Facebook," or "Continue with Apple."

  6. Click Company or School Account.

    You must click Company or School Account. Your subscription will not be available if you click "Personal Account."

  7. When prompted, enter your UNC Asheville username (not your full email address) and current UNC Asheville password. These are the same credentials you'd use to access OnePort, etc. Click Sign in.

You'll be signed into your account, and can begin downloading and updating Adobe apps.

Installing the Adobe CC Desktop App, if you did not previously have a subscription

If you did not have a previous Adobe CC subscription, you may need to install the Adobe CC Desktop App to access your 2020 – 2021 subscription.

On macOS

  1. Open the Self Service → app.
  2. Click the "Design and Media" category on the left-side list of categories.
  3. Click Install below Adobe CC Desktop App.

On Windows

  1. Open Software Center →.
  2. Search for "Adobe CC" and find the Adobe CC Desktop App.
  3. Click Install.

Need help?

Contact the ITS Service Desk by sending an email to or calling 828-251-6445. The IT Service Desk Self-Service Portal is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Self-Service portal allows you to request assistance from ITS using a simple web form.

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