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Mersive Solstice Wireless Display Connection

Connection Instructions for using Mersive Wireless Display

Table Of Contents:

Desktop or Laptop Connections

iOS and Android Connections

Desktop or Laptop

  1. Install the client software by visiting the screen's IP address in your computer's browser or on UNCA owned computers, install the app from Self Service or Software Center

  2. Click the link to download the client software and run the downloaded file to install. 

  3. Launch the client and enter the IP address of the screen and click "CONNECT".

  4. Enter the screen key from the screen. (The key is enlarged when a connection is initiated)

  5. Chose what to share from options on screen.  Typically the entire screen is shared but there are options to share a single window or file. 

    1. Mas OS Specific Instructions

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      1. On Mac OS you must allow the client to record your desktop.  Share your desktop or app window then navigate to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy tab>Screen Recording check the box beside Mersive Solstice. If Mersive solstice is not listed, restart your computer, connect to the display again by using the client, and check back in the screen recording section.

      2. On MacOS you must install an additional driver to share audio from your computer.  This will require administrator access to install. 

        1. While sharing your screen, click on the blue box at the top of the screen to expand the control panel.  

        2. Click on the volume icon to the right of the room name to initiate the diver installation.  This installation requires an administrator to install so please schedule this with ITS.

  6. Stop Sharing and Disconnect


  1. Install the Mersive Solstice application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app on your device and enter the screen's IP address in the Quick Connect box.
  3. Enter the screen key from the display
  4. Chose what to share.  You can share the entire screen, a file, or live picture/video. 
  5. Disconnect when finished.


  1. Install the Mersive Solstice application from the  Apple Store
  2. Launch the app on your device and enter the screen's IP address in the Quick Connect box.
  3. Connect and enter the screen key
  4. Launch the Control Center to reveal Screen Mirroring options. 
  5. Chose the display from the Screen Mirroring menu
  6. Enter the Screen Mirroring screen key (same as above).  The device's screen will display on the Mersive screen.
  7. Disconnect when finished.
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