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Handling a Tech Accident

Disasters can happen at anytime and more often than not, you will not be able to prevent all of them. Maybe you drop your phone onto concrete or your cat knocks a glass of water on your laptop. While this can be troubling, this could be a lot worse if you’re unprepared.

Preparations to take

Setup multiple authentication methods on different devices. While ITS services can be reached via email, phone, and in person at Ramsey Library during the following hours, we are not open 24/7 and you may need access to your account at odd hours. We recommend setting up at least two methods of authentication on different devices.

Did you know that you can setup your laptop as a form of authentication? Or that you can change your default method if you have a preference?

Keeps notes and assignments in the Cloud or on a separate device as a backup.

Use a surge protector in case of electrical damage from storms and other electrical events. When buying power strips, be sure to read carefully as not all power strips are equipped with surge protector functionality.

Locked Out or Forgotten Password

If you are told your account is locked after attempting to sign in too many times, you can contact the Help Desk so we can unlock your account!

If you have an expired password or forgot your password, you can follow the ‘Forgot My Password' link when you are prompted to input your password on the OnePort sign-on screen. Another method to reset your password is the password change utility. Simply go to and follow the instructions on-screen!

What to do after your device was damaged

Take pictures of the damage or write down what happened as soon as possible for future reference. This may be handy if you need to seek out repairs or replacements. If this is water damage, power down the device and let it fully dry out.

While UNCA ITS cannot assist with physical damage, we do recommend Charlotte Street Computers for PC and Apple devices.

Reach out to your professors via email to calmly explain the situation. While its not a guarantee that accommodations can be made, it is much more likely than reaching out the night before an assignment is due.

If you’re going to be without a computer for a while, there are computers available around campus in:

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