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Webinar and Large Meeting platforms

Zoom Video Communications has several video collaboration platforms for use in either increasing Zoom Meeting platform participant levels, or large audience presentations and speeches.  The available Zoom Webinar and Large Meeting platforms UNC Asheville Zoom Meeting account holders the opportunity to increase event partricipation, as well as changing the interaction features to present a more focused and organized event.

These licensed resources are scheduled via ITS Helpdesk service tickets (  Requests for add-on licenses are submitted via a Google form located here.

Zoom Meetings

Individual Licenses and Add-Ons

  • Individually licensed Zoom Meeting accounts allow campus faculty, staff and students to activate a Zoom Meeting account which has a maximum participant limit of 300.
  • A small number of Zoom Webinar and Large Meeting add-ons are available to augment individual Zoom Meeting functionality, as well as allowing up to 1000 participants to attend scheduled events.
  • Zoom add-on licenses are available on a first come first scheduled basis upon request.
  • Clients will be asked to provide both basic event information (Title, date and start/end times for event, Point of Contact, anticipated number of remote participants, etc.) as well as specific information regarding webinar access for Webinar event scheduling, webinar practice sessions, and post event registration and recordings download needs.

  • Hosts may initially schedule an event as a Zoom Meeting to obtain the meeting ID for marketing and publicity purposes.  Once the webinar license is requested and a webinar license has been assigned to the applicable individual Zoom Meeting licensed account, the host may convert the meeting to a webinar, the meeting ID stays the same. 
  • Completion of the request form results in the creation of an ITS Service Desk ticket that will be assigned to Distance Learning Services staff for resolution. 

Simultaneous Zoom Meetings

While the Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar platforms may be used in conjunction for special programs, the host may only start and manage one event from a single computer or device. 

  • If multiple Zoom Meeting events are needed simultaneously, discrete Zoom Meeting session have to be scheduled, started and managed by separate Zoom Meeting licensed account holders
  • ie. three simultaneous Zoom Meetings would require three individuals to schedule and start the meeting - They would be unable to join another Zoom platform event without ending their Zoom platform event.

The meeting and webinar platforms offer similar features and functionality but have some key differences. 

Zoom Webinars are intended to allow attendees 'view-only' event access to watch the presentation. 

  • Webinars are designed so that the host and up to 100 designated panelists can share video, audio and screen.  
  • Webinar attendees are limited to interactions that utilize the Zoom chat, non-verbal communication (raise hand emoticons, etc.), question & answer, and answering polling questions functions, if the host has allowed these options.
  • Available Zoom Webinar licenses have maximum participant levels of 500 or 1000.
  • The host can also unmute specific webinar attendees on a case-by case basis.
  • Access to webinar settings and functions are only available after a Zoom Meeting webinar license is assigned to the host Zoom Meeting license.

Hosts can convert scheduled Zoom Meeting events to a Zoom Webinar event format (Click here for more information). Please ensure that a Zoom Webinar license is available and scheduled to the HOST'S Zoom Meeting individual license prior to doing so.

Zoom Large Meetings are intended to support a collaborative event for all parties which have an anticipated participant size greater than 300 participants.  

  • Meetings are designed so that participants are able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance.
  • Meeting, participants have access to the full range of interactive tools, including chat, raise hand, nonverbal feedback icons, screen share, audio, video, and breakout rooms.
  • Available Zoom Large Meeting licenses have a maximum participant limit of 500 and 1000.
  • Large Meeting licenses are an add-on to a pre scheduled Zoom Meeting event.  The event settings are established during the initial meeting scheduling process and the add-on license allows for additional participant capacity the day of the program.
  • Large Meeting add-on licenses do not add any additional features beyond an increase of the standard 300 Participant Individual Zoom Meeting license.  As such, testing of this additional capacity is not possible unless the meeting host can have over 300 participants log in to a scheduled test session.
  • Zoom Meeting & Zoom Webinar platform comparison

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Resources for assistance or followup questions and concerns.

Contact UNC Asheville's Information Technology IT Service Desk for assistance in implementing the above described services and support.  Email: or by calling 828.251.6445

Contact UNC Asheville's Center for Teaching and Learning unit for pedagogy and teaching strategies regarding this knowledge base article.  Email: or by calling 828.251.6540

Use the Zoom Video Communication system knowledge base for Zoom meeting specific support questions or concerns.

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