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Web Conferencing

ITS manages and supports UNC Asheville’s web conferencing needs for students, faculty, staff and the campus community.  Both Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom Meeting are real-time web conferencing systems that allow participants to see, hear and virtually interact with people using a computer, tablet or mobile device. 

You can request assistance with using either system by contacting the ITS Service Desk. Contact the ITS Service Desk by sending an email to or calling 828-251-6445. The IT Service Desk Self-Service Portal is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Self-Service portal allows you to request assistance from ITS using a simple web form.

Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is available to the entire campus via your UNC Asheville Google Workspace account. Hangouts Meet can be used for web conferencing services , administrative meetings, on campus communication, face-to-face classroom interactions, and departmental collaboration. Hangouts Meet is fully integrated with Google Workspace applications and can be managed directly from Google Calendar. Any campus member with an email can schedule and manage live interactive audio, video and computer screen sharing.

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Zoom Meeting & Zoom Webinar

Zoom Meeting  is another all-in-one solution for live interactive video, audio, screen sharing, and messaging across any device that supports both basic web conferencing needs, as well as providing high-end curricular support for classes and research applications.  Campus Zoom Meeting accounts may also utilize campus 'Webinar' and 'Large Group' licenses for audiences larger than the Zoom Meetings 300 participant limit.  Zoom Meeting licensed accounts are also available for activation to the entire campus, anyone with an email account.  For curricular support, Zoom Meeting  supports breakout rooms, participant polling, participant waiting rooms, use to telephone/smartphone to connect to meetings, and Cloud Recording to meet curricular needs.  Zoom Meeting  is best suited for delivery of virtual classes, distributed learning and highly collaborative meetings.

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