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Using UNC Asheville Email Accounts


All UNC Asheville campus members (faculty, staff and students) have the ability to activate an individual Zoom Meeting licensed account.  These individual Zoom Meeting licensed accounts are assigned to the users UNC Asheville email account and all use of assigned individual Zoom Meeting licensed accounts is restricted to that individual per associated ITS Resource Usage Policies.  Accounts are activated and assigned by visiting UNC Asheville's Zoom Meeting vanity URL:

Email Accounts

Zoom Meeting account holders should Sign in and out of their assigned account on a daily basis. The company domain name is unca-edu.  Campus members who already have an established individual licensed account do not need to activate another license. The campus community is highly encouraged to use the Zoom Desktop or Zoom Mobile app to access their assigned Zoom Meeting licensed accounts (

Zoom Meeting Licensed Accounts

  • All UNC Asheville Zoom Meeting licensed accounts should be accessed via Single Sign On (SSO) and not the username/password portal option. The use of SSO is a key step in reducing inappropriate access to campus Zoom Meeting and Webinar licensed account programming. 
  • Meeting participants are highly encouraged to log in to their Zoom accounts as this will set their personal name, allow some advanced Zoom Meeting settings to function, and ensure optimal post event reporting data.
    • Once logged in they will continue using the associated Meeting ID and Passcode link provided by the host to join meetings and events. 
    • Zoom Meeting account holders should Sign in and out of their assigned account on a daily basis.   

Zoom Meeting Cloud Recording

Zoom Meeting Cloud Recording services are available primarily for curricular support of courses and student curricular needs.  Faculty have the ability to request student Cloud Recording access for associated courses by using the following ITS Google Form "Zoom Cloud Recording Request Form".

  • Faculty and Staff Zoom Meeting account Cloud Recordings will be automatically deleted after 60 days of being recorded.   
  • Student curricular Cloud Recordings will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • All Student licensed accounts can record hosted Zoom Meetings (those meetings stated by a student from their individual Zoom Meeting account) using the Local Recording function.  Local recording retains recordings on their individual laptops and devices, this retention possibility is in conflict with FERPA curricular recording policies and procedures. 
Students are also not allowed to download and save curricular Cloud Recordings due to these same FERPA guidelines and policies.

All Zoom individual account holders are encouraged to download cloud recordings as soon as possible to avoid unintentional automatic deletion. 

An email reminder is sent seven (7) days prior to the scheduled recording deletion.

Additional ITS knowledge base articles related to Zoom Meeting licensed account requests and activation.

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