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Use of Alternative Host & Scheduling Privilege


UNC Asheville Zoom Meeting Accounts holders may schedule course sessions (referred to as a 'meeting') using their assigned licensed account.   They may assign other Licensed Account holders to schedule meetings on their behalf in the event that they are unable to do so.  Account holders may also designate another Licensed user to be an alternative host.  The alternative host can start the meeting and have additional host capabilities during the account holders absence. 

  • UNC Asheville individual Zoom Meeting licensed accounts are intended for the use of the account owner and associated credentials must never be shared to allow others account access.  Violations of Computing usage policy will be reviewed by the campus Information Security Officer and violators may loose Zoom Meeting access.  
  • For a webinar, both users must have the webinar add-on.

Scheduling privilege is designed for a user or multiple users to: 

  • Schedule meetings on your behalf. 
  • You can also schedule meetings on behalf of a user (or multiple users) that has assigned you scheduling privilege.
  • Users with Scheduling Privilege on your account will be able to manage and act as an alternative host for all meetings.
  • Zoom Support link:  Scheduling privilege

Alternative host(s) are assigned by the Account holder during the meeting scheduling process. 

  • The host can designate another Licensed user on the same account to be the alternative host ( and can start the meeting on the host's behalf.
  • This user will receive an email notifying them that they've been added as an alternative host, with a link to start the meeting. If this email notification is disabled in the Zoom web portal, the alternative host will not receive an email to start the meeting. 
  • Zoom Support link:  Alternative host
  • Account holders may assign ten (10) alternative hosts per meeting.

Resources for assistance or followup questions and concerns.

Contact UNC Asheville's Information Technology IT Service Desk for assistance in implementing the above described services and support.  Email: or by calling 828.251.6445

Contact UNC Asheville's Center for Teaching and Learning unit for pedagogy and teaching strategies regarding this knowledge base article.  Email: or by calling 828.251.6540

Use the Zoom Video Communication system knowledge base for Zoom meeting specific support questions or concerns.

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