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Smart Board Troubleshooting

Common problems when using smart boards

  • No connection to smart board (no response when board is touched)

    Check the status of the board.  All smart boards have a status light, if it is red the board is not connected, Green means connected.  Flashing red means computer is booting up and connecting. No light, board is off.

    Red: Make sure the PC input is selected on the room control panel, room computer is turned on, Reboot computer.

    Green:  Make sure they are projecting from the room computer

    Off:  Turn the board on with the power button on the pen tray

  • Cursor and pen/finger are not aligned

    Calibrate the board.  Press the Keyboard and Mouse button on the pen tray simultaneously.  When a set of targets appear on the screen tap the center of each as it is highlighted.



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