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Connecting Laptops

If a user wishes to connect a laptop to a lab or classroom podium please follow this procedure.

1. Plug in the VGA cable. 

  • Some classrooms have cables built into the podium while others require the user to bring their own.  If there is a black hatch in the table surface of the podium cables are provided.  If the user needs cables please give them a set and ask them to keep it with their laptop.  

2. Plug in the audio cable.  

  •     Plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop.

3. Switch the source to laptop.  

  •     Select the laptop input on the rooms control panel.

4. Enable the external display.

  •     If an image does not project have the user enable their external display.  

On dell laptops this can be done by pressing Function + F12.

        In windows 7 and 8 press Windows + P and select the desired output

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