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Ramsey Library 001 Guide to Smart Classroom Technology


This is a guide to using the Smart Classroom technology that is located in Ramsey library 001. 

Using the Smart Classroom Technology 

When using the Smart Classroom technology, it is important to complete all of the steps prior to the start of the program and all of the steps after the program is finished. 

Prior to program start:

Step 1

Enter room using your UNCA OneCard, email, phone 828.251.6333/6057 if you need assistance.

Step 2

Power on the instructor PC and the tabletop monitor.

Step 3

Power on the two ceiling projectors using the two remote controls labeled Projector 1 and Projector 2 located on the instructor desk. Use the remotes to select projector input 2 in order to display the instructor PC.

  1. For extended / dual computer screen layout, power on the Smart Board using the small handheld remote control (white color, Sony brand) located on the instructor desk. (Point the remote towards the projector directly above the Smart Board.)
Step 4

Use the handheld remote to switch to Input B.

Step 5

Power on the tabletop speakers using the tabletop power supply switch.

Step 6

Adjust computer audio level as needed using the volume knob on the front of the tabletop speaker.

*If you intend to use a computer (laptop) other than the desktop instructor computer, please contact Distance Learning Services staff for assistance.

After program ends:

Step 1

Switch both ceiling projectors back to input 1 and if utilized, switch Smart Board back to input A. Projectors may display a blank / black / blue screen; this is OK.

Step 2

Power off all projectors using the handheld remotes.

Step 3

Power off the tabletop computer speakers using the tabletop power supply switch.

Step 4

Power off the tabletop computer monitor.

Step 5

Turn off lights and close the classroom door.

Further Assistance

  • In the event of technical issues, please restart the computer.
  • For further immediate help, please call the IT Service Desk at 828.251.6445.
  • For less urgent needs, please email
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