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Classroom Video Capture Kits

Classroom capture kits were purchased with COVID-19 funds as a simple solution to allow instruction to be recorded or streamed from any location.  When connected to a computer by USB, the kit functions like a webcam and microphone. 

Watch the instructional video here

Quick Setup

            * Some kits are equipped with a conference microphone instead of a lapel style mic.  This mic allows for greater participation from in person students. See USB Tabletop Microphone Configuration for instructions.

  1. Connect Cables  Connect the long USB cable to the computer being used to record or stream.  Connect the power cable to a standard power outlet.
  2. Install microphone battery  Remove the battery from the front of the mic receiver by pressing the latch below the battery charger.  Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the microphone transmitter and insert the charged battery.  Close the battery compartment.

3.  Turn On Microphone  Turn on the microphone receiver using the switch on the back of the unit with the antennas.  Turn on the microphone transmitter with the switch at the top of the bodypack.  Attach the mic to your shirt and the transmitter to your waist or pocket.  Once connected, a blue light will appear on the front of the receiver.

4. Start Web Conference or Recording Software  Launch Zoom or other software and start a meeting.  Using the controls in the application, select the following settings:

  • Microphone: Select Sure MVI
  • Speaker: Select Speakers/Headphones or Extron.  If these don't work, cycle through the speaker options to see if any meet your needs.  

  • Camera: Select AVer CAM540

5. Align Camera  Use the Pan/Tilt/Zoom buttons on the remote to center the camera on the area you will record. 

6.  Prepare for the Next User  Turn off mic transmitter and return battery to the charger.  Wipe down the microphone, transmitter, remote, and any other surfaces you have contacted with an alcohol based wipe.  

Other Resources:

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