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Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In an effort to keep your data safe and protect your identity, ITS has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into our login process. Azure MFA is mandatory for all Faculty, Staff, and Students.  This includes access to many UNCA systems, including the University information portal -! You will utilize one of several authentication methods each time you login to a UNCA system.

Enrolling in MFA is quick and easy.  

Visit Our Guide for step by step instructions. 

What is Azure MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication provides additional security to your account by verifying your identity using a second factor.

Common Factors include:

  • A prompt sent to a secondary device such as a phone or tablet (MOST COMMON)

  • A code sent to a trusted device (cell/office phone)

  • A code generated by a trusted device, app, or browser extension. (Authy,

  • An enrolled hardware token (i.e. Yubikey)

This additional login step will ensure that your account is secure even if your password is compromised. 

How does Azure MFA work?

Why do we need MFA?

Without MFA, anyone who gets a hold of your password can access your data and make changes to your UNCA account. In a world where password databases are hacked and leaked with increasing regularity, your password alone is not enough to keep your account secure.

With MFA, we can be sure that even if someone hacks your password, they cannot access your account.

What devices can I use?

You can download Microsoft's MFA app "Microsoft Authenticator" on any phone or tablet. Once installed, you will use this app each time you are prompted by a login to a UNCA system.

For Android download click HERE

For IOS download click HERE

Do not pay for any authenticator app! The official Microsoft Authenticator will never prompt for money.

Image representing multifactor authentication.  Includes password plus multifactor authentication to equal login.

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