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Understanding App Updates on your Mac

ITS uses several methods to automatically update apps installed on your Mac, or help you manually update apps at your convenience.

Automatic Updates

Supported apps installed on your Mac are automatically updated when new versions are released. Unless otherwise noted in the macOS App Catalog, all supported apps installed on your Mac will automatically update.

Your Mac checks daily for updates to any installed supported apps. If you're currently using an app, it will not be updated until the following day, so as not to disrupt you.

Manual Updates

Some supported apps are not automatically updated, since projects might rely on a specific version in order to work correctly. For example, programming packages like R or data processing apps like IBM SPSS are not automatically updated.

When new versions of these apps are available, you can manually install them via Self Service. Open Self Service and click the Available Updates category to access these updates.

Apps not supported by ITS

Apps not supported by ITS do not receive automatic updates, and are not available in Self Service. If you need assistance with an app not listed in the macOS App Catalog, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

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