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Remote Support on Windows

UNC Asheville ITS uses Bomgar to provide remote support.

Bomgar creates a secure, encrypted connection between your PC and ITS support staff.

If an ITS staff member asks you to start a remote support session, use one of the following methods to begin.

If you're using a University-provided PC...

Start a Session Using Shortcut

Open the UNC Asheville Support shortcut on your desktop or in the start menu.

If you don't see this icon the remote support agent may not be installed yet. Please visit Software Center (Installing Software and Updates via Software Center) to install the remote support agent manually.

After a moment you will see a graphic of two computers communicating.

When the UNC Asheville Support window appears select Connect with Support Team

When the chat window appears your session is connected.

Click Allow when ITS requests control of your PC.

If you're not using a University-provided PC...

Start a Session Using a Web Browser

In a web browser, visit If you're working with an ITS staff member, they will direct you to click their username listed on this page.

After clicking a username, a small file named bomgar-scc-....exe will automatically download. Double-click the .exe file to run it.

Once the PC connection window appears, the support session is being established.

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