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Placing / Receiving Calls

Placing a Call
  • Lift the Handset and dial the number, OR;
  • Press the New Call soft key and dial the number, OR;

(Below is for Model 7942 & 7962 only)

  • Press a Line button and dial the number, OR;
  • Press the Speaker button and dial the number, OR;
  • Press the Headset button and dial the number, OR;
  • Press the Speed Dial button and the number you have preprogrammed will automatically dial.

Internal (On-campus) Calling

  • Dial the 4-digit extension number
  • Emergency: dial 6710 for University Police

UNC Asheville has office phone numbers with prefixes of 232, 250, 251, 255, 258 and 350. To call any number on campus, dial only the last four digits of their extension number. To give you a better understanding of what extension number goes with which prefix here are your guidelines.

  • Extensions that start with 22, 24, 28, 29, 49 or 5 have the prefix of 232.
  • Extensions that start with 23 or 3 have the prefix of 250.
  • Extensions that start with 6 have the prefix of 251.
  • Extensions that start with 70, 71 or 72 have the prefix of 255.
  • Extensions that start with 76, 77, 78 or 79 have the prefix of 258.
  • Extensions that start with 45 have the prefix of 350.

External (Off-campus) Calling

  • Local: Dial 9 + Number
  • Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number
  • Emergency: dial 911
Recieving a Call

To answer a call:

  • Lift the Handset, OR;
  • Press the Answer soft key, OR;

(Below is for Model 7942 & 7962 only)

  • Press the Speaker button, OR;
  • Press the Headset button.
Ending a Call
  • Hang up the Handset, OR;
  • Press the EndCall soft key, OR;

(Below is for Model 7942 & 7962 only)

  • Press the Speaker button
Local Calling

Calls to the following locations from any on-campus telephone are free:

  • Alexander
  • Arden
  • Asheville
  • Bakersville
  • Barnardsville
  • Black Mountain
  • Brevard
  • Burnsville
  • Candler
  • Canton
  • Clyde
  • Cullowhee
  • Enka
  • Fairview
  • Fletcher
  • Garden City
  • Glenwood
  • Guntertown
  • Hendersonville
  • Hot Springs
  • Lake Lure
  • Leicester
  • Maggie Valley
  • Marion
  • Marshall
  • Mars Hill
  • Micaville
  • Montreat
  • Old Fort
  • Providence
  • Ridgecrest
  • Saluda
  • Sevier
  • Skyland
  • Swannanoa
  • Sylvia
  • Waynesville
  • Weaverville

Extended Local Calling Area

Dial 9 + 1 + 828 + seven-digit phone number when calling:

  • Andrews
  • Bryson City
  • Cashiers
  • Cherokee
  • Fontana Village
  • Franklin
  • Hayesville
  • Highlands
  • Murphy
  • Robbinsville
  • Suit
Long Distance Calling

All long distance calls made within the United States are to be completed by dialing 9 + 1 + area code + seven digit phone number. Calls are billed at a rate of 3 cents a minute if made from a fax machine or any telephone on the “old” centrex system. If you are making a long distance call from one of the “new” Cisco IP phones then you will pay 5 cents a minute for that call.

Calling Toll Free Long Distance Numbers

When dialing a "Toll Free" number, be sure to dial "9" for an outside line. For example: 9 + 1 + 800 + 555 + 6320.

Personal Long Distance Calls

From time to time we are asked questions about if it is permissible to make “personal” long distance calls on any of our state phone lines.

Current state rules and regulations prohibit placement of personal calls through the state long distance telephone network even if the individual intends on reimbursing the University. The rule states:

"Any use of the State Telephone Network for other than official state business is a violation of the tariffs filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Misuse of the system may result in appropriate penalties, including dismissal."

This rule applies to everyone! Only “official business” telephone calls and/or fax calls are to be placed through our state telephone lines and state calling cards. For personal long distance calls University personnel may dial “9" for outside then “0" and bill the call to their personal calling card or make the call “collect”.

Phoning and Faxing Overseas

To place a call or fax overseas, you should dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number.

Conference Calling

This feature allows four people to simultaneously communicate via the same line. While on an active call (either incoming or outgoing):

  • Press the More soft key and then the Confrn soft key. This opens a new line while placing the other party(ies) on hold and initiates a conference bridge.
  • Dial the number of the party to be added to the conference call.
  • When the call connects, press the Confrn soft key again to add this party to the call.
  • Repeat the first three steps to add more callers.


  • Once the conference initiator disconnects, no new conferees can be added.
  • Keep in mind that when you place a call on hold a beeping tone is generated every few seconds. To avoid disrupting the other callers, consider muting the call instead.
  • To abandon the addition of a conference, press the Line button.


If you have two calls on hold, you can press the Join soft key to join them in with you to a 3-way conference call.

Direct Transfer

If you have two calls on hold and they want to talk together without you, you can press the Dir Trf (Direct Transfer) soft key to put them together without you on the call.

Initiating a Meet-Me Conference Call

A Meet-Me conference is used to allow more than 4 parties to talk on a conference call simultaneously. To set up a Meet-Me Conference Call, you must dial a special conference number established by your system administrator.

Contact the Telecommunications Office to obtain a Meet-Me conference number.

Joining a Meet-Me Conference Call

In a Meet-Me conference call, participants dial a pre-arranged conference number at a specific time to meet on a call.

  • Lift the Handset
  • Dial the number provided by the Meet-Me conference initiator
  • When the first person, initiator and/or meeting’s moderator of the call, dials the assigned number, no earlier than 30 seconds before the time of the call, he or she will hear the telephone ringing (a regular ring) until a second person immediately dials the same number. If you don’t have anyone to be the second person to dial in, you can use your cell phone. You can leave it connected until 2 or more people call in.

Note: You will able to be connected to the conference call once the initiator has dialed in and established the call.

  • When the next person dials in, the ringing will stop and the line is open and ready for joining in to the conference call.
  • No one should put their phone back on the receiver or answer incoming calls. Otherwise, it will close their line out and they will need to go to different phone to re-enter.
  • Once a meet-me call is in progress, the moderator has the option to lock the telecom by pressing the # key once all callers are online; no other participants are allowed to enter the call
  • Please note that the first person calling the meet-me number is the only one that can close the call and also lock the line (#4), so it is very important that the meeting moderator is the first person calling in.

Very Important:

PLEASE, once you dial the Meet-Me Number DO NOT HANG UP! By doing so you’ll disable the line and nobody will be able to connect!!!

Making Calls from the Corporate Directory

  • Press the Applications Menu button.
  • Use the Navigation Button to highlight Directories, and then select Corporate Directory.
  • Press the Select soft key to display the directory search options.
  • Use the Navigation Button to select the search option: First Name, Last Name, or Number.
  • Use the numbers corresponding to the letters on the dialing pad to enter a name or number to find it in the directory.
  • Note: It is not necessary to enter a complete query to conduct a search. For example, entering a J, a, and m could yield James Smith.
  • Press the Dial soft key to speed dial a number from the Corporate Directory

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