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No Image on Desktop Monitor


  1. Power on monitor
    1. Press the power button on the lower right of the monitor
    2. Check the power cable on the back bottom of the monitor is securely attached.  (this is a large black cable with a trapezoidal end)
  2. Monitor on, no image (may say "Entering Power Save")
    1. Check that the desktop is on and move the mouse to wake from sleep
    2. if it is displaying a screensaver saying a cable is unplugged:
    3. Check that the VGA or DVI cable is securely connected on the bottom back of the monitor
    4. Change monitor input by using the menu buttons on the bottom right of the monitor (procedure varies by model)
    5. Restart the computer or check the display settings by right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Screen Resolution."  
    6. "Resolution" should be set to 1280x800 and "multiple displays" should be set to "duplicate these displays."


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