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New OnePort FAQ

How do faculty find their advisees (or other students)? Where did the "Select Term" link go?

We removed the link labeled Select Term as there is a new way to access this information. For now, you can find this page in one of two ways:

  • From OnePort: click on Faculty → Advisees And Student Search
  • From OnePort: click on Self Service Banner, open the Faculty Services Menu, then click on Advising Student Profile.

Updating Your Preferred Name in Self-Service Banner

View our Preferred First Name FAQ

Why update OnePort?

Our old version of OnePort was deployed back in 2014 and is no longer supported by the vendor. Additionally, the new version has a much better mobile interface for use with phones and tablets. There are other new features (like integration with Moodle and Banner) that we hope to roll out in the coming year.

Where are the links that used to go across the top?

  • Email: Moved to top of menu, also in top-right quick links near your name

  • Reports: Moved to Argos Reports at bottom of menu

  • Ramsey Library: Moved to Academic Links

  • Self Service Banner: Moved to top of menu, also in top-right quick links near your name

  • Campus Map: Moved to On Campus

  • Campus Directory: Moved to top of menu, also in top-right quick links near your name

  • Change Password: Moved to bottom of menu

Where is the QuickLaunch/Launchpad?

The Launchpad feature in the old OnePort was a collection of links that were never put into categories. Most of these links has been moved to a new category in the menu, with a few exceptions:

  • Cultural Events Tickets: Removed, no cultural events are being held at this time. We will add this link back in when they resume.

  • Wireless Guest Sponsorship Portal: Removed, and replaced with Connecting to Wifi inside On Campus 

  • GradPlan: Moved to Academic Links

  • Housing Portal: Moved to On Campus

  • GradPlan Training Videos: Moved to Academic Links

  • How to Use GradPlan: Removed. This video can be found by following GradPlan Training Videos

  • UNCA Now: Moved to On Campus

  • View My Forms: Renamed to Dynamic Forms, moved to bottom of menu

  • Campus Operations Services: Moved to On Campus

  • Parking Permit Registration: Moved to On Campus

I’m missing a link I used to have access to. How do I get to it now?

Please email and let us know what’s missing. We’ll work with you to make sure you have access to everything you need.

I have some suggestions on how to improve OnePort. How should I do that?

You can always email with your ideas. Since everyone on campus uses OnePort, we have to be careful about making changes that not everyone will like. But we’ll always try to find a solution that works for our entire community.

I have instructions on my website for how to access something through OnePort. Now that it looks different, my instructions need to be updated. How do I do that?

Contact and we’ll help you out. If you have the source materials (Word Docs, Powerpoint Presentations, etc), we can help you update them. We’ve also created a Google Drive folder with screenshots of the menu and other page elements to help you along.

Does this update change Self-Service banner?

ITS launched some portions of the new Self-Service Banner 9 on September 13, 2020. These include sections for updating your preferred name as well as a number of new tools for faculty.

You may notice some changes to Self-Service Banner with version 9.  While the biggest changes are to the 'look and feel' of Self Service, there are a few new features, including the ability to provide or update a preferred first name as well as select a personal pronoun and specify a gender. Note, personal pronouns and gender are not currently displayed anywhere, but will be incorporated into future enhancements of Banner. 

There's also a new summary page for student information. This page is called the "Student Profile" and students may access it under the Student Records menu. Faculty can access this summary page by selecting “Advisees & Student Search” under the Faculty menu. From the Profile, students and advisors can navigate to many other useful information, like GradPlan and the Academic Transcript.

What is Self-Service Banner?

Self-Service Banner (SSB) is where you register for classes, update your personal information, fill out Leave Reports, and more. Many links inside OnePort lead you to pages inside SSB. Here’s a list of those links, and where you’ll find them in the menu. Note that not all menus are available to all users.

  • Financial Aid & Payments

  • Financial Aid Main Menu

  • Financial Aid Status

  • Award Status
  • Student Records

  • Student Profile
  • Student Records Main Menu

  • Request Official Transcript

  • Update Personal Information

  • Registration and Grades

  • My Class Schedule

  • Check My Grades

  • Add or Drop Classes

  • Employment

  • Employment Main Menu

  • Leave Reports

  • Leave Balances

  • Timesheets

  • Update Personal Information

  • Faculty

  • Advisees And Student Search

  • Class List
  • Registration Overrides

  • Faculty Grade Entry

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