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Hold and Release Printing on the MFD Fleet

The Hold and Release Printing feature allows users to submit a print job and have it held at the printer until released. Print jobs can only be seen and released by the user that sent them.

The MFD fleet will also be set to employ Hold and Release printing by default except in the Library and the lab / classroom environments.  

Releasing a Print Job on an MFD

Print a Document

  • Submit a print job from your computer
  • Login to PaperCut on the MFD
  • If you would like to release all your held jobs you can press the Print All button, otherwise, press the Print Release Button to pick and choose which jobs to release.

  • Select the jobs you would like to release by tapping on the job title or check box. 

    Helpful Hint: If you would like to select / unselect all jobs tap the checkbox at the top of the list of print jobs.
  • Press the Print button after making your selection[s].

  • When finished be sure to logout of PaperCut on the MDF.

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