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Argos Access


Users on-campus can access by logging into the portal.

Off Campus (Remote Access)

In order to access Argos remotely, you must first connect using the UNC Asheville Cisco VPN Client and then log into the portal.

Mac OS X and Windows 

As of Fall 2023 we have began transitioning to GlobalProtect as our VPN clients. Please refer to the global protect page for more instructions:

The Cisco VPN is used to connect a computer not currently on campus to the campus network.  This permits access to network file shares, Banner, and other services only available when on campus.

VPN access is only available from off-campus locations. If you attempt to connect to the VPN while on campus and connected to a UNC Asheville network, the connection will fail.

When do you need VPN?

Please reference When do you need VPN? for a list of services that do or do not require a VPN connection.

Help articles

iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Users must go the App Store and download the Cisco AnyConnect Client.


Users must go the Android Store and download the Cisco AnyConnect Client.

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