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Adding Content to OnePort

Content on OnePort can be added by members of the UNCA Web Team. To request a new link or announcement, or request a change to an existing link or announcement, please use the OnePort Content Request Form.

When you use that form, you'll be asked the following:

  • Who should see this content? OnePort uses Active Directory groups to determine the visibility of links and other items in the system. Typically, we use Students, Faculty, and Staff. If you know of another more specific AD group you'd like to use (like Temporary Employees), please specify that as well. If you're unsure or you need to create a new group, let us know and we will help you get that set.
  • When should the content be posted/removed? Links in the menu  tend to be permanent, while announcements tend to only stay up for a limited amount of time. Such announcements require publishing and unpublishing dates.
  • Who has authorized the posting of this content? Since everyone on campus uses OnePort, we require you get permission from someone at a director- or chair-level position to post to it. Please include that person's name, department, and email address.
  • Are there other assets (images, videos) that need to be included? If you have other items, please provide the URL where we can find it. A good way to share images is to upload them to Google Drive and share them with
  • How can we contact you to follow up? Please include your email address and a phone number we can reach you in case we have any questions.
  • What should the content say? For links, be sure to include the URL, link title, and OnePort menu category. For announcements, be sure to include the text of your announcement (with any formatting), as well as a title. We will do our best to present your content in a way that is accessible to all of our users.
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