What is it?

 ITS provides assistance with custom in-house web-development applications utilized by the campus community.

When is it available?

Normal Business Hours

Who can use it?

Faculty and Staff

How much does it cost?

There is no charge associated with this service.

Where to get help?

Request for assistance can be made by contacting the ITS Service Desk.  You can submit your request by sending an email to itservicedesk@unca.edu or calling 828.251.6445.  The IT Service Desk Self-Service Portal is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Self-Service portal allows a user to request assistance from ITS using a simple web form.

Associated Policies

Campus Web Resources Policy (Policy 7212)

More Information

Need more information?   Contact the ITS Service Desk at itservicedesk@unca.edu or 828-251-6445 for additional assistance.