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UNCA_PSK Configuration for Chrome/Chromium OS

Follow these instructions to connect your Chrome/Chromium OS device to the UNCA_PSK network.

If you have trouble following the instructions or connection to the wireless network, please contact the ITS Service Desk for direct assistance.

On this page:

Instructions Apply To:

  • Chromebooks (running Chrome OS)
  • Laptops or other devices running Chromium OS
Operating System Versions
  • Chrome
  • Chromium

Step-by-step guide


You must have cookies enabled to successfully access the enrollment system. Additionally, some browser privacy plug-ins or extensions such as NoScript, Self-Destructing Cookies, RequestPolicy, etc may interfere with the enrollment process. We recommend temporarily disabling these plug-ins.

  1. Find and make note of the MAC address for your machine. For help with this, see How to Find Your MAC Address.

  2. Make sure WiFi is turned on. Select UNCA_Setup from the list of available wireless networks.

  3. Open a web browser and navigate to Agree to the Acceptable Use Policies and click Start.

  4. Select Students, Faculty and Staff on the University Affiliation page.

  5. Enter your UNCA credentials and click Log In.

  6. Select Alternative Access.

  7. Enter your MAC address and click Register.

  8. Make note of the pre-shared key provided.

  9. Select UNCA_PSK from the list of available wireless networks. Enter the pre-shared key when prompted for Network key and enter again to confirm, then click on Connect. You should now have full internet access over the UNCA_PSK network. Your device registration is valid for six (6) months, at which time you'll need to re-register.

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