Google's Two Step Verification (aka "2-Step") is used to provide your university Google account an additional layer of security using your mobile phone.  A text message, Google Workspace prompt, Google Authenticator code, or voice call will be sent directly to you so that you can confirm your sign-in securely from anywhere.

Set up 2-Step Verification

1) Visit and sign in using your "" email address

2) Click on the "Security" menu item on the left side.

3) Click on "2-Step Verification".

4) Click "Get Started".

5) Enter your mobile phone number and decide if you want a text message or a phone call.  Click Next.

6) Confirm the code you received on your mobile phone.

7) 2-Step Verification is complete.  You will see the following confirmation window. Click "Turn On" to fully activate 2-Step Verification.


8) You may verify your settings, turn 2-Step Verification on and off, and much more from the next window.

9) Set up alternative second steps, get the Google Authenticator app, install the Google Workspace for sign-in prompts, and view trusted devices from the Security section of

Ready to get started?

To get started setting up Two Step Verification: