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Troubleshooting Common Issues in Labs and Classroom

All Items In Red Require an ITS Technician

  • Monitor not showing image:
    • Ensure that the computer is on.
    • Ask user to move the mouse and press the space bar to wake up the computer
    • Ask if monitor is powered on by asking the user if there is a light in the bottom right corner
    • Check to see if the power cable has come loose from the rear of the monitor
    • Ensure the display cables are properly seated between the computer and monitor.
  • Projector not displaying image:
    • Ensure that the “on” light on the switcher of the podium is lit.
    • Ensure that the switcher is set to the correct input
    • Have the user switch to another input and back to their desired input.
    • Check to see if projector bulb is showing light. If not, check the “lamp” light bulb to see if it needs to be replaced. Note the room and model of projector before requesting service from Labs and Classroom Support for a new bulb to be brought.
  • Internet not working:
    • First check to see if there is a network connectivity icon in the task bar
    • Test multiple browsers and sites
    • Check to ensure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the wall.
    • Open the podium and manually reset the network switch by unplugging the power, a small black cable, waiting 10 seconds, then reinserting the power cable.
  • Document Camera not displaying:
    • Ensure that the camera is on
    • If projecting from the podium, not the PC software, check that the switcher is on the proper input.
    • Check that the display cables are properly connected
    • Press the "int/ext" button on the camera base to switch from external input to document camera.
  • Smart Board not aligned:
    • Check model of smart board
      • If there are only two buttons, press them simultaneously and follow the on screen instructions.
      • If there are more than two buttons, there is a specified alignment button shaped like a cross-hair. Press it and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Smart Board not recognizing touch input:
    • Ensure that the Smart board is turned on. If on, the power button will show a green light.
    • Check for dust buildup around the sensors in each corner. Do not physically touch the sensors.
    • Check the connection light on the pen tray.  Red or flashing red means a problem, green means connected.  Restart computer. 
  • Projected image stretched on screen
    • Press the desired input button again to cause the projector to auto adjust.
    • For PC: Right click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution. Select an appropriate resolution for the screen. Normally resolution is 1280x800. 
    • For Mac, open System Preferences and select Displays. Hold option and click on Scaled to receive a list of resolutions. Choose the appropriate resolution and close the window.
  • No sound from PC:
    • Check the volume level in the task bar
    • Check the volume level on the on the podium control panel
    • Click on the volume icon in the task bar and  cycle through the options for audio output until you find the working one.
    • Check that nothing is plugged into the headphone jack in the front of the PC.
  • 9020 Micro Series computer will not boot
    • Most commonly found occuring on library RLOPAC machines
    • Trace power cables from the computer to the wall. Ensure they are firmly plugged all the way in.
    • Unplug machine for 60 seconds to reset the power supply.
    • Plug machine back in and test.
    • If this fails, submit a ticket to the help desk.
  • Computer not auto-logging in:
    • Common Messages
      •  Computer has lost trust with the domain controller
      • Incorrect password
      • Login screen with computer name
      • Account Locked
    • Restart computer
    • Check if account is locked, LAC accounts begin with the room number in most cases.
    • If unable to resolve issue with previous steps a technician is required.
  • Computer will not allow input accompanied by a message stating that the machine is in 'Maintenance Mode"
    • This indicates that Deep Freeze has mistakenly entered maintence mode. During this time, the keyboard and mouse are disabled.
    • Restart the computer, This may take multiple cycles for the machine to recognize the appropriate settings.
    • If unable to resolve issue with previous steps a technician is required.
  • Computer is stuck on a constant reboot cycle:
    • Hard drive may have failed. Put in a ticket with Labs and Classrooms.
  • Smart Classroom not responding last resort
  • If classroom projection/switching is not working after above steps are tried the entire system can be power cycled.  Unplug the podium from the wall and wait 30 seconds.  Reconnect the power, turn on the computer and monitor.  The switching system should power up automatically and can be used normally.  

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