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Transitioning from classic Hangouts to Chat

Google Chat is the primary chat application supported by UNC Asheville ITS. While it remains familiar to those who used classic Hangouts, Chat offers new features and some important differences.

Learn about switching from classic Hangouts to Chat

Switching to Chat from classic Hangouts - Google Workspace Learning Center 

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between classic Hangouts and Chat?

Classic Hangouts provided two methods of communication: 1) One-on-one / direct messaging, 2) Group messaging.

Chat introduces Rooms, which are persistent communication channels with new features:

  • Up to 8,000 members can join, be invited, or elect to leave a Room.
  • Groups can include individuals outside the UNC Asheville domain.
  • Rooms can be labeled and renamed.
  • Rooms provided "threaded" conversations.

More information is available at Google Workspace Learning Center - FAQ: Google Meet, Google Chat, and Hangouts 

How do I chat with colleagues within Gmail?

Google Chat replaces classic Hangouts within the Gmail web interface. You will continue to be able to participate in one-one-one, group, and Room-based conversations directly within Gmail.

I have current one-on-one conversations in classic Hangouts; are those retained or available in Chat?

Yes. Any direct or one-on-one messages you've initiated in classic Hangouts are available in Chat. 

I have current group messages in classic Hangouts; are those retained or available in Chat?

No. Group messages are not transferred to Chat. You will need to re-create any group messages in Chat.

You can, however, continue to access classic Hangouts group messages in the legacy classic Hangouts interface at

How do I access my old chat transcripts?

ITS is discontinuing support of classic Hangouts, but there are still a few ways to access old conversations in classic Hangouts Chat:

  • The web interface ( will remain available as read-only during this transition.
  • All previous chat history from classic Hangouts Chat will remain accessible in Gmail. Click the "Chats" label in the Gmail left sidebar, or include "in:chats" in a search.
  • The classic Hangouts bot in the new Chat will notify you of missed messages from classic Hangouts Chat. 

Will the Hangouts mobile application still work?

No. Please install the Google Chat application on your mobile device.Goo

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