Whenever we are notified about electronic equipment to be retired/surplussed/recycled we:

  • Have the department contact the Service Desk with details on the equipment being retired.
  • A ticket is created and assigned to the Tier 2 team.
  • Tier 2 checks the equipment to see if it is leased through ITS.
  • If the equipment is leased we take custody of it until the lease return period.
  • If the equipment is NOT leased we determine if the equipment is capable of storing sensitive data.
  • If there is data stored we take the steps necessary to scrub the data.
  • Details on all of the above are included in the ticket details.
  • We then close the ticket and confirm to the department that they must contact Facilities for the physical removal of the equipment.
  • Any paperwork related to the surplus/retirement of the equipment is completed by the department and the rest is between the department and Facilities.