When should I provide a preferred first name?

You should provide a preferred first name whenever you would like to be addressed by something other than your legal first name.  People who prefer their middle name or a nickname (for example, William may prefer Bill or Elizabeth may prefer Betsy) may wish to exercise this option.  Be thoughtful when supplying a preferred first name; it will be published as outlined below.  

How do I provide a preferred first name?

  • Log in to OnePort.
  • Students: Click Student Records → Update Personal Information
  • Employees: Click Employment → Update Personal Information
  • Click on the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner of the Personal Details section of the page
  • Enter your Preferred First Name in the box provided
  • Click on the Update button

Where will people see my preferred first name?

If you choose to provide a preferred name, it will be displayed in the following places (typically within 24 hours):

  • Campus Directory - Users will need to search for your updated name to find you.
  • University communications
  • OnePort corner name display
  • Self-Service Banner Personal Information display
  • Self-Service Banner Student pages
  • Self-Service Banner Faculty pages
  • Display Name in Gmail - If someone has communicated with you using the old name, they may need to remove that contact from their address book to see the updated name.
  • Moodle
  • GradPlan
  • AIM - Academic Accessibility System
  • Handshake - Career Center
  • Presence - Student Affairs
  • RMS - Housing
  • Dean’s List and Chancellor’s List publications

Where will my preferred first name not be used?

The following documents will continue to use your legal name:

  • Academic Transcript
  • Diploma
  • Financial Aid Documents and Communications
  • Direct Deposit Notification
  • W2
  • Benefit Information

Other notes: 

  • Your preferred first name can be printed in the commencement program and on the reading list - by request only. If you do not request your preferred first name be used on these documents, your legal name will be printed.
  • If your name appears on a unca.edu website besides the Campus Directory, please contact webmaster@unca.edu to update it.

Can I have my OneCard reprinted to reflect my Preferred First Name?

Please view the OneCard FAQ for information on reprinting your OneCard.

How can I change my Legal Name?


Here is the information for how students can submit a legal name change.

Faculty and Staff

Employees must first update their names with the Social Security Administration. Once you have a new social security card, please email hr@unca.edu to schedule an appointment with HR. Bring the following documents with you to the appointment:

  • the new social security card, and
  • a valid photo ID, (i.e., Driver License ID, UNCA OneCard, Passport, etc.)

An HR representative will make a copy of your social security card and process the name change in Banner.  Once your legal name change is processed your direct deposit notification and W2 will reflect this change.  If you choose, you may contact ITS to update your email address to reflect this legal name change.