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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my existing fax number with XMediusFAX?

Yes, you can!  If you currently have an existing fax number for an analog fax line, you can submit a request to the help desk and ITS will create a ticket with AT&T to have your existing fax number ported over so that it can be used with the XMediusFAX online fax program.

I don't have an existing analog fax line.  Can I still use the XMediusFAX software?

Yes!  If you are in need of a new fax line, it is actually quicker for ITS to configure one for you as opposed to having an existing line ported.  Please submit a help desk ticket and we will get started.

How are faxes received with XMediusFAX?

Faxes can be received via any number of email addresses.  Faxes may also be received and stored in a network share that is stored on your S:\ drive in a Faxing folder.

How are faxes sent with XMediusFAX?

To send faxes with XMediusFAX, log into the web client using your UNC Asheville Security Credential (the username and password that you use to access your computer).  Once logged into the web client, you can send or view your sent/received faxes.  To send a fax, you can follow the step-by-step instructions found here: Sending Faxes from the XMediusFAX Web Client

How much does the XMediusFAX service cost?

Nothing!  ITS has purchased a license for the software and there are no additional costs associated with getting this service setup for your department.

Is XMediusFAX secure?

Yes!  XMediusFAX has been built around modern security standards and implements best practices for securing the transmission of faxes.  You can find more information about XMediusFAX security in this document: xmediusfax security sheet.pdf



If you have additional questions that you feel should be included in this FAQ, please let us know by emailing your suggestions to 



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