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Follow these instructions to connect your gaming console, smart TV, or set-top box to the UNCA_PSK network. Each device varies and we've made a best-effort attempt to outline connection steps on the most common wireless devices. For more advanced troubleshooting, please consult the owner's manual or user guide for your device.

If you have trouble following the instructions or connection to the wireless network, please contact the ITS Service Desk for direct assistance.

On this page:

Instructions Apply To:

  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Set-top boxes (Apple TV, TiVo, Roku, etc)
Operating System Versions
  • N/A

Support for consumer networked devices

Consumer networked devices are designed for use on small, private home networks, and will not work correctly with the enterprise networks available at UNC Asheville.  Our campus networks support many thousands of simultaneous connections, and these consumer devices may interfere with those networks, degrading service for everyone.

Devices not permitted on UNC Asheville networks

The following types of devices are not supported on campus networks and not permitted for use:

Wireless RoutersDevices that broadcast wireless networks (SSIDs) cause interference with official campus wireless networks, degrading service for everyone.
Wireless PrintersWireless printers broadcast their own wireless network (SSID) and cause interference with official campus wireless networks.
Google Home & Google ChromecastGoogle products require a service called UPnP, which is disabled on official campus networks as a security consideration.
SonosSonos devices require a service called Spanning Tree, which is disabled on official campus networks as a security consideration.
Smart Home Devices (Hue Lights, etc)Most "Smart Home" devices require a service called multicast, which is disabled on official campus networks as a security consideration.

Devices with limited or intermittent issues

Amazon Echo / Alexa DevicesAmazon devices can be connected to the UNCA_PSK network, but ITS cannot guarantee full functionality or connectivity to other devices including mobile phones, networked TVs, etc.
Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 cannot connect to campus wireless networks. Online functions require plugging into a hardwired Ethernet connection.

Multiplayer gaming should work but ITS cannot guarantee full functionality for all games. Support for some features (live chat, messaging, etc.) will differ on a per-game basis.

Step-by-step guide


You must have cookies enabled to successfully access the enrollment system. Additionally, some browser privacy plug-ins or extensions such as NoScript, Self-Destructing Cookies, RequestPolicy, etc may interfere with the enrollment process. We recommend temporarily disabling these plug-ins.

  1. Find and make note of the MAC address for your device. For help with this, see How to Find Your MAC Address.
  2. If your device doesn't have a web browser built in, you'll need to be on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other internet-connected device that does. Browse to
  3. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policies and click Start.
  4. Select Students, Faculty and Staff on the University Affiliation page.
  5. Enter your UNC Asheville credentials and click Log In.
  6. Select Alternative Access.
  7. Enter the MAC address for your device and click Register.
  8. Make note of the pre-shared key provided.
  9. Consult the owner's manual or user guide for your device for specific instructions on connecting to a wireless network.
  10. When ready to connect, select UNCA_PSK from the list of available wireless networks. Enter the pre-shared key when prompted for network key or password (network setup message displayed will vary from device to device) and connect. You should now have full internet access over the UNCA_PSK network. Your device registration is valid for six (6) months, at which time you'll need to re-register.

Nintendo 3DS Guide

(If the following steps seem too complex, you can follow the steps above from any computer, tablet, or other internet-connected device.)

  1. On the bottom screen, navigate to the "System Settings" icon and click "Open".
  2. Choose "Internet Settings".  If you have Parental Controls set, you'll be asked to input your Parental Pin code.
  3. For the device's MAC address, choose "Other Information" and click "Confirm MAC Address".  Write this down.
  4. Click "back" to get to the Internet Settings page.  Choose the large blue bubble "Connection Settings".  Choose a New Connection.
  5. Choose Manual Setup, then "Search for Access Point", and choose UNCA_Setup.  This will automatically begin a network connection test.  THE TEST WILL FAIL.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Press "Next" and "OK" on the following pages, then hit "Cancel".
  6. Navigate back to the home screen and open a browser.  Press the "URL" button and navigate to
  7. Follow the steps above to setup a PSK network and type in the system's MAC Address. Write down the PSK password.
  8. Navigate back to the Internet Settings page on the 3DS.  DELETE THE UNCA_SETUP CONNECTION or it will automatically connect.  Replace it with the UNCA_PSK network, inputting the password when prompted.  
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