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Steps for registering to connect to Wi-Fi:

  1. Connect to the UNCA_Setup wireless network. (If your device already has internet access then you can skip to step # 2.   You only have to connect your device to UNCA_Setup if you don’t have internet access and need to register your MAC address.)

  2. Open a web browser and go to

  3. Select the Guest Portal and choose “Self-Registration”.

  4. Complete the Wi-Fi registration process by entering your name, email and phone number. (Some users will also be asked to enter their MAC address if the system cannot automatically detect it. To find your MAC address please see the instructions for individual devices below.)

  5. You will be presented with the password – please keep this password in a safe spot.

  6. Disconnect from the UNCA_Setup in your Wi-Fi network settings.

  7. Connect to the UNCA_PSK in your Wi-Fi network settings and enter the password when prompted.

  8. You should now be successfully connected to Wi-Fi.

How to find your MAC Address:


Press the Windows Key + R, in the "Run" dialog, type cmd and click OK. At the blinking cursor, type ipconfig /all and hit Enter. Your MAC address will be listed as "Physical Address" for the "Wireless Adapter" or "Wireless Network Connection"

Mac OS X

Open System Preferences and select Network. Select Wi-Fi (labeled "Airport" on 10.5 and 10.6) on the left menu, then click Advanced. Select the Hardware tab. The MAC Address line shows the MAC address for this interface.

iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Open Settings, select General and About. The "Wi-Fi Address" is your MAC address.


On the Home screen, tap the Menu key and go to Settings. Scroll down and tap "About Phone" or "About Tablet", then Status. Scroll down to view WiFi MAC address.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are guests required to register for Wi-Fi access at UNC Asheville?

In compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), Pub. L. No. 103-414, 108 Stat. 4279, codified at 47 USC 1001-1010, UNC Asheville must be able to identify all guests that are connecting to the campus network.  Therefore, we will collect the following information when you self-register for wireless access:

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Device MAC Address (Media Access Control Address)  

Is the network secure and encrypted?

The UNCA_PSK SSID is not encrypted and should NOT be used for official University business.  It should be used for devices that do not support the security protocols necessary to connect to the UNCA_SECURE wireless network or users who do not have administrative rights on their devices.

 How long is my access valid?

Guests are granted access for 7 days from the time that you register your device(s).    You will need to re-register your device(s) at the end of the 7 days.  The system will not notify you when your registration expires.

What happens if I enter my MAC address incorrectly?

If you do not enter your MAC address correctly you will be unable to connect to the UNCA_PSK network even if you have the password.  You must enter the correct MAC address in order to connect.

Can I register more than one device at a time?

Unfortunately, the system doesn't allow you to register multiple devices at the same time.  You are allowed to register as many devices as you need in order to connect to Wi-Fi, but you will need to register the MAC address for each device separately.

Will my device automatically connect to the UNCA_PSK network next time I am on campus?

Yes, if you are within the 7-day window.  If you are not within the 7-day window then you will have to re-register your MAC address.

Why do my device(s) keep connecting to the UNCA_Setup network?

The UNCA_Setup network is only configured to allow you to register your MAC address. Once you have registered your MAC address, you need to disconnect from the UNCA_Setup network and/or remove it from your saved wireless networks.  You cannot browse the internet from the UNCA_Setup network.