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Follow these instructions to create a wireless access voucher for your campus guest.


Creating a single voucher allows you enter identity information (name, email, etc.) about your guest for your own records. It also allows you to automatically send your guest their voucher via email or SMS text message.
On this page:

Step-by-step guide

  1. In your web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your UNC Asheville Security credentials – the same username and password you use to access other campus services.

  3. Click Create Voucher.

  4. Leave the default option Create one voucher selected and click Next >.

  5. Fill out the form with your guest's information.

    Name - The guest's full name.
    Company - The guest's company name, if applicable. This field is optional and may be left blank.
    Email - The guest's email address. If Email Voucher To User is selected, their voucher code will be emailed to this address. 
    Email Voucher To User - If checked, the voucher code will be emailed to the guest.
    Phone Number - The guest's phone number. This field is optional and may be left blank.
    SMS Voucher To User - If checked, the voucher code will be texted to the guest if the phone number is a cell phone cable of receiving text messages.
    Redeem Voucher By - The date by which the voucher must be redeemed. The voucher will expire if not redeemed by the end of this date.
    Reason - The reason for your guest's visit to campus and need for wireless access.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The voucher is created and Voucher Confirmation displays the details of the voucher. This page may be printed and given to your guest, or you may simply share the voucher code. If the appropriate options were selected on the previous screen, the voucher code will also be automatically emailed and/or sent via text message to your guest.

Your guest may now connect their device to the UNCA_Setup network to redeem their voucher and connect to campus wireless.

Please see UNCA_Secure Configuration for Sponsored Guests for specific instructions your guest may need to redeem their voucher and get online.

Video Guide